Saturday, March 15, 2008

About This Blogsite

First: Cedar Hill City, Arkansas does not exist, except on this page. This "blogsite" has been set up solely to demonstrate that a simple layout and design can be quite effective. Unlike the other blogsites linked in the left column, this one utilizes no professionally designed header graphic. The blog was created in a matter of minutes at no cost.

The slideshow running here is in an album hosted at, another free online service.

Imagine featuring the best photographers in your town and changing the albums every month or so. You could showcase student work as well, demonstrating pride in your community while encouraging repeat visits to the site - and perhaps drawing tourists to the town itself. All of this is free, simply requiring the interest of one or two volunteers willing to learn the easy-to-master software and manage the blog.

An important advantage a blog has over a website is that a blog doesn't require the services of a webmaster to update pages. There is no one standing between you and your audience. Anyone who is familiar with a word processor such as Microsoft Word can easily post and edit these messages - at any time and from any computer having web access.

If you would like to know more, Email me (Frank Fitzgerald). I'd be happy to volunteer to help your town get online. My goal is to help citizens get a clearer picture of what is being done to make their community life better. If that is your goal too, get in touch with me and let's work on this together.